Healthier, securer employees

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Systembolaget’s employees are the key to success when it comes to fulfilling our mandate. And because our employees are our most important resource, we never stop trying to create an even better work environment at Systembolaget. Read on to find out about two of the projects we carried out during the past year.

Project 1: Creating securer stores

The biggest work environment risks faced by our employees in several stores sadly take the form of threats and violence. So in 2014, we decided we wanted to do more, as employers, to rectify this situation. In 2015, we trialled two different measures – training and guidance – in four of the at risk stores.

In the first phase of the project, we brought in an external advisor who worked with the store’s employees. The advisor went through the incidents that had occurred and discussed with the employees what they had learned from these incidents and what they could do if the same situation arose again.

The second phase involved a training course during which the store employees learned how people react when exposed to threats, how one can be proactive in potentially dangerous situations – and how they can support one another as a working group when threatening situations arise.

The measures will be evaluated in 2016 to see which of them created the greatest security for our employees – or if both worked equally well. The idea is that we will be able to offer equivalent measures in the future for any and all stores that might need them.

Project 2: Reducing sick leave

Sick leave rates are rising in Sweden, not least when it comes to psychological ill health. Systembolaget’s sick leave rates have also risen slightly in recent years and we are keen to do something about this. Research shows that the earlier one intervenes when an employee falls ill, the greater the chance of them returning to work. So this past year, we sharpened up our rehabilitation process that describes how and when we should act when an employee falls ill (you can find out more about our governance here). One of the things we did was to set clear chronological boundaries to determine when different steps should be taken during the process as a whole.

Sick leave rates continued to increase in 2015, but we will continue to do everything we can in this area to ensure that the return to work for employees who have been ill is both straightforward and smooth.