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In 2015, Systembolaget launched a new, mobile-friendly website. Our new website highlights important issues in relation to alcohol, exercise, alcohol-free alternatives, organic and ethical labelling, and much more besides. The aim of our website is to help our customers make informed choices – wherever they may be

The number of visitors to Systembolaget’s website has risen sharply in recent years and that makes completely new demands on Systembolaget’s digital presence – not least when it comes to mobile usage.

”In simple terms, we’ve started seeing the website for what it truly is – our biggest information channel and our most frequently visited store. It’s essential that we maintain an online presence for our customers and stakeholders, and nowadays, they’re more and more likely to be accessing it via a mobile device. Which is why our new website is designed to be mobile-friendly and is much more stable,” says Ola Andersson, who is responsible for external digital channels at Systembolaget. is, however, a different display window for a different store.  Because our website is not designed to make people buy more: it’s designed to lay the foundations for more informed choices.

“The new website allows us to spread the sort of knowledge that our customers have told us they’re looking for. We’ve analysed what our site’s visitors look for and, apart from opening hours and addresses, they’re curious about alcohol and health. So we’ve highlighted that sort of content on the new site and it will, I believe, help create more informed consumers.”

Informed choices

Working to promote informed choices means, for us, offering products with a lower alcohol content and in smaller packagings, and offering products that take into account environmental considerations and working conditions in the supply chain.