How we’re taking responsibility online

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Systembolaget celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2015. For six decades now, our aim has been to limit the harmful effects of alcohol – and as the world has changed, we have changed the ways in which we try to do this. See below for five examples of how this 60-year old takes responsibility today.

1. The Promillekoll app – now with a calorie counter!

Our Promillekoll app makes it easy for people to keep track of their blood alcohol levels. All a user has to do is to enter what they’ve drunk and their blood alcohol level will be displayed in real time. And a new function allows people to find out how many calories they’ve consumed through the alcohol they’ve drunk too – all in order to help people drink in as informed a way as possible.

2. Test your alcohol habits at 

We believe it’s important to develop a perspective on our drinking, which is why Systembolaget’s subsidiary company, IQ, launched the The site offers an easily accessible opportunity to gain an overview of your alcohol habits and any risks associated with how you drink.

3. The Teenage Phrasebook for mums and dads

Should you offer your teenagers alcohol at home? What do you do if you’re teenager doesn’t stick to the rules? What do teenagers think about drinking? IQ publishes a book entitled “The Teenage Phrasebook” to make the teens a little easier (for parents). The Teenage Phrasebook is sent out every year to approximately 100,000 parents whose children have reached the age of 14. The book is full of tips, arguments, and facts and figures about young people and alcohol – and a lot else that affects teenagers too.

Tonårsparlören is, of course, also available on line.

4. Four million views on YouTube

Did you know that the videos on Systembolaget’s own YouTube channel have been viewed over four million times?

Here is one of our most recent films about antilangningsfilmer from the spring of 2015. By October last year, it had already been viewed 1.1 million times.

Our film, ”The Expert” has been viewed just over 1.1 million times. We’re particularly fond of this one, because it explains how we think at Systembolaget.

5. Boost your alcohol smarts on our website

Does alcohol make you fat? And how does drinking affect your sleep? Many of our customers have questions about how alcohol relates to exercise, stress and sleep, for example, which is why we’ve created a special section on our website that is all about alcohol and health. Visit it here to find the answers to your questions!