Our complex supply chain

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Some of Systembolaget’s supply chains are simple: a farmer grows grapes and sells them to a wine producer who, in turn, sells the wine to our suppliers. But in other cases, well, it’s a lot more complex than that …

Have you taken a look at our film clip above? That’s what a Systembolaget supply chain can look like. It includes everything from farming cooperatives to wine tapping plants. And when it’s that complex, there’s a huge amount to keep track of in our efforts to ensure good working conditions throughout the supply chain. But at the same time, it’s precisely that – the fact that our purchases affect so many people worldwide – that makes our work so very important.

Did you know that:

  • In 2015, Systembolaget’s products came from 650 active drinks suppliers.
  • Wine producers seldom exclusively use grapes they, themselves, have grown. What they do instead is buy grapes from a larger or smaller number of growers and then vinify them.
  • Producers also often buy finished wines from other producers to use as components in different blends. Which means your favourite wine might actually comprise several different wines!
  • The biggest 100 suppliers by sales account for over 98 per cent of our sales. And, with the odd exception of fast-growing, successful new suppliers, our supplier base is a stable one. And in the majority of cases, both when a producer of an existing article decides to change supplier and when we buy in new products for our fixed range, the listing/launch is taken over by an existing, major supplier.
  • Every year, Systembolaget draws up a so-called launch plan that determines which types of drinks we will be looking for. We then issue requests for tender to our drinks suppliers for every launch, specifying the drinks we are looking for. Interested suppliers will then respond to these requests for tender and we will, on the basis of their tenders, collect sample products that undergo blind tasting by a tasting panel. The blind tasting ensures that the products we buy in are the “best in test” from numerous other similar products.

If you’d like to know more about how we select and buy in our drinks, click here!