Review Report in respect of the Sustainability Report

Auditors’ Report in respect of the limited assurance engagement review of Systembolaget AB’s Sustainability Report


We have been engaged by the Board of Directors of Systembolaget AB to perform a limited assurance engagement related to Systembolaget AB’s Sustainability Report for 2015. The company has limited the scope of the Sustainability Report to those areas specified in the GRI Index.

Responsibilities of the Board of Directors and the executive company management for the Sustainability Report

The Board of Directors and the executive company management are responsible for the preparation and presentation of the Sustainability Report in accordance with applicable criteria, which are specified under the heading, About the Responsibility Report, and which comprise those sections of the Sustainability Reporting Guidelines (issued by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)) applicable to the Sustainability Report, and the specific reporting and measurement principles developed and issued by the company. This responsibility also includes the internal controls deemed necessary for the preparation of a Sustainability Report that contains no material misstatements, whether due to error or to fraud.

Auditor’s responsibility

Our responsibility is to express a conclusion on the Sustainability Report, based on our review.

Our limited assurance engagement has been performed in accordance with the FAR SRS (the institute for the accountancy profession in Sweden) recommendation, “RevR 6 Assurance of Sustainability Reports”. A limited assurance engagement consists of making enquiries, primarily of persons responsible for the preparation of the Sustainability Report, and applying analytical and other review procedures. The orientation and scope of a limited assurance engagement differs from and is considerably less than the orientation and scope of an audit engagement conducted in accordance with the IAASB standards for auditing and quality control and with generally accepted auditing practices. The audit company applies ISQC 1 (International Standard on Quality Control) and hence has a multifaceted system of quality control that includes documented guidelines and routines in respect of compliance with business ethics requirements, professional conduct standards, and applicable legislative and other regulatory requirements. The review activities conducted in conjunction with a limited assurance engagement do not enable us to state with the same level of assurance that we were made aware of all of the important circumstances that could have been identified in conjunction with an audit, and the conclusion based on our limited assurance engagement consequently does not provide the same level of assurance as a conclusion based on an audit.

Our review is based on the criteria chosen by the Board of Directors and executive company management, which are defined above. We consider these criteria to be suitable for the preparation of the Sustainability Report.

We believe that the evidence we have obtained during our limited assurance engagement is sufficient and appropriate to enable us to provide a basis for the opinion expressed below.


Based on our review, nothing has come to our attention that causes us to believe that the Sustainability Report has not, in all material respects, been prepared in accordance with the criteria presented above by the Board of Directors and the executive company management.


Stockholm, 17 March 2016
Ernst & Young AB

Åsa Lundvall
Authorised Public Accountant

Håkan Ulrichs
Partner, Climate Change and Sustainability Services